Gemstone Colours and Your Skin Tone.

Knowing Your Skin Tone And The Colour Of  Jewellery That Best Suits You.

There are many different reasons that jewellery looks different on different people, but one of the biggest factors is our skin tone. 




To determine your skin tone, it's best to look at your skin in natural light. It's important to remember that skin tone is not the same as skin colour. It's possible to have darker skin and a cool skin tone, and you can also have light skin and a warm skin tone.

The above chart (credit trendi mi) is useful for determining your skin tone. The vein test is perhaps the best part of it all.

Remember, we are talking about undertones here. Once you have established your skin tone, it’s not just gold or silver that you can choose between. As a general rule of thumb, your best nail polish colours will be your best gemstone colours. Of course, people (men, mainly!) who may have no idea what nail polish colour suits them can’t use that as a guideline. Get the advice of a beautician with regard to colours that suit your skin tone. Or use the colour charts below to help you select the Kia Ora pendant that best goes with your skin tone.




From these charts we can see that a person with a warm skin tone will look good with jade, turquois, or bluestone, while a person with cool skin tone will stun with amethyst, rose quartz, or hematite.

Tiger eye is popular with men, but caution should be used with regard to not just choosing a “manly” colour. Male skin tone is just as important.