Kia Ora Jewellery

Using naturally sourced products purported to have positive health benefits, the Kia Ora jewellery range embodies traditional Maori designs which reflect symbolic representations of tribal folklore. These are gifts of strength, love, loyalty, positive energy and thoughtfulness, with our own versions of the most iconic designs included over the whole range.

Kiwiana Designs

Silver FernĀ - An important symbol of New Zealand, and features on most national sports uniforms, including the All Blacks rugby team.

KoruĀ - Represents unfolding fern fronds reaching for light, symbolising new life, new beginnings, personal growth, harmony, peace & tranquillity.

Infinity - Represents the bonding of lives through friendship, loyalty and love, for all eternity.

Fish Hook - Represents strength and brings peace, prosperity and good health.

Manaia - A tribal spiritual guardian which protects the wearer from evil.

Tiki - Represents loyalty, great inner knowledge, and strength of character.